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NeurdSolutions provides functional neurology training and educational resources to doctors and clinicians. The educational resources we provide range from dry erase posters to seminars on how to efficiently utilize the Focus Builder app. 

Our variety of human anatomy posters showcase PMBS, brain with primitive reflexes and milestones, PNS (brachial plexus, lumbar plexus, sacral plexus and brain), and the brain landscape. Our interactive dry erase posters are the ideal neurology resource for patient education.  

Whether you’re a new or experienced clinician, we’ve created seminars exclusively designed for our Focus Builder app. Our functional neurology seminars cover the basics of utilizing the Focus Builder app to its full potential. When implementing eye movement training in a clinical setting, our Focus Builder seminars are the ideal way to learn different approaches to customizing the app for your patients.  

Browse our neurology training and education resources for efficient patient education. 

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