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NeurdSolutions offers a variety of products to enhance patient care.  We have created large dry-erase posters to facilitate patient education, Focus Builder laser feedback glasses for diagnostic and therapeutic use, heart rate variability for diagnostic use and Ministim peripheral nerve stimulator for diagnostic and therapeutic use.

Our Laser Feedback Glasses & Laser Feedback Posters are a must have for neck and vestibular rehabilitation. 


The Focus Builder Laser Glasses are an excellent option to offer patients in need of laser guided gaze stability exercises or for the purpose of improving the cervical proprioceptive system.  Laser-guided head and eye pursuits (aka X0) can be a very effective strategy to improve eye pursuits and stimulate the brainstem and midline cerebellum.  Clinicians use laser feedback glasses to improve neck stiffness and vestibular imbalances.

Focus Builder Laser Glasses available in 1, 3, 6, 9 & 12 packs.  
Laser Feedback Posters available in Numbers or Alphabet.

Our Dry Erase Posters are designed to facilitate patient education about functional neurology.  Hundreds of clinicians use them in their report of findings.

We offer additional products for diagnostic and therapeutic use.

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