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This conceptual poster is designed to facilitate patient education about functional neurology. Inspired by the Focus Builder 2.0 Posture course, it contains images representing the color-coded brain stem and lobes of the brain with respective written text describing the function of each area. In addition, this 2-foot by 3-foot illustration also includes the following images:

• Color-coded functions related to the brainstem that patients can easily associate.
• A picture of the eyes with muscles written in the direction of prime movement and colored in association with the regions of the brain stem that controls them.
• A red "R" and "L" that indicate which mesencephalon controls respective eye muscles.

The 3 neurotransmitters produced in the brain stem color-coded based on the regions in which they are produced.


This is a great poster to help your patients understand the connection between the brain, eyes, posture, pain control, sleep, arousal and mood.  This posture is sure to improve patient compliance if used as intended.


Contact us at for discount on purchase of any 5 posters.

Brain Stem & Lobes

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  • Contact us at for discount on purchase of any 5 posters.

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