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NeurdSolutions is passionate about helping clinicians have a greater understanding of functional neurology and how to apply it more rapidly into their practice, along with helping find the best success possible with treatment of their patients. We offer a variety of educational tools and resources to do just that, from functional neurology courses, ongoing product training and resources, professional mentoring and more! As we say, "Our success is measured by your success." 

"I watched one of the Focus Builder seminars and it added so very much to my clinical life. The value you guys offer is phenomenal!"
~Daniella Bella

NeurdSolutions offers a variety of courses that are cutting edge in functional neurology, including our new Gravity Reset Method, and presented by top professionals in the field. Designed to help clinicians gain a greater understanding of functional neurology and how to apply it more rapidly into their practice.

NeurdSolutions offers hourly professional mentoring for clinicians that are looking for guidance to effectively integrate functional neurology applications into their practice.  This program is also available for experienced clinicians who simply want a different perspective on their most challenging cases.

NeurdSolutions offers various training resources  and videos for the Focus Builder App and other functional neurology training and education on how to use our products to their full potential.

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Dr. Jason Whittaker is on a mission to help as many clinicians as he can get up to date, stay up to date and arm them with knowledge that helps them help the next patient.

He does all the research to the far reaches of the literature world to find what's valuable to know...for clarity on a concept or model, a better way to assess/care for a patient or a newly discovered function.  He's read it, made notes on it, analyzed it, commented on it and then shares it in a 10-20 minute video.  (PDF notes included.) He tells you what's relevant and discards what's not but still gives you the resources to judge for yourself.

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