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NeurdSolutions offers a variety of functional neurology courses with valuable content including hands-on learning through live demonstrations, to train and equip clinicians in offering cutting edge care to their patients.  We have always proudly stated that we don’t compete with other teaching institutions but promote them in the ways they excel. We view ourselves as a bridge in the places where it is needed.

Both LIVE - in-person courses and recorded courses are taught by top chiropractic neurologists. Some courses offer CE credits.


9/16/23 Seminar

SEMINAR WAS RECORDED and will be available for FREE on the NeurdSolutions website soon!

FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGY CLINICIANS  - Learn how to use and implement the revolutionary STIMPOD device into your practice!

It was a great day with in-depth, hands on learning with Dr. Kieran Collins & Dr. Cedrick Noel.  They demonstrated  treatment for a variety of issues with the Stimpod-Pulsed Radiofrequency (PRF) System for peripheral nerve stimulation and healing device. .

What is STIMPOD?

STIMPOD is a neuromodulation device, designed to alleviate or even reverse chronic intractable pain symptoms. Our patented Pulsed Radio Frequency waveform has specifically been engineered to treat neuropathy which is difficult to treat using drugs and/or other modalities. STIMPOD's nerve-locating technology allows you to find the affected nerve non-invasively, using an ergonomically designed treatment probe. Studies have shown instant and dramatic relief of chronic intractable pain.

Upper extremity nerve treatment: brachial plexus, carpal tunnel
Lower extremity nerve treatment: Sciatica, drop foot, femoral nerve issues, diabetic neuropathy
Role of viruses and nerve disfunction: Trigeminal neuralgia, Bell's palsy, Horner's syndrome, multiple sclerosis
Vagal stimulation, role of Vagus nerve treatments: Failed neck & back surgery, any chronic pain including fibromyalgia, PTSK, depression, gut issues
Treatment of site pain: Tigger points, headaches/migraines, Golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, knee pain, achilles pain, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain chiro specific


"The Stimpod NMS460 has far exceeded my expectations on what a device is capable of in helping my patients achieve rapid pain relief and recover from a broad spectrum of neuropathic signs and symptoms. I highly recommend that all Chiropractors include it in their arsenal as this is a game changer." Dr. Stuart Humberg, DC Knoxville, TN

Dr. Kieran Collins will train each individual doctor or clinician who purchases a Stimpod from NeurdSolutions!


For more information on the STIMPOD device

NOV. 4-5, 2023
Sat. 9-6 pm       Sun. 9-2 pm


Instructors: Dr. Cedrick Noel, DC, BSN, DACNB, FABCDD & Dr. Jason Whittaker, DC, DACNB, FABCDD, FABBIR

 Purchase GRM 1.0 Course


This Course IN-PERSON ONLY. It will NOT BE LIVE STREAMED. Space is limited

15 GA CEU credits available to in-person attendees

The GRAVITY RESET METHOD is life changing! Come and learn how to simply implement the GRM method into your practice!


  • Why every clinician working with the  human body or brain needs to know the GRAVITY RESET METHOD.

  • Understanding the peripheral and central mechanisms involved in the 3 foundational systems essential to human function.

  • We will take you step by step through live cases from assessment to treatment.

  • Clinical applications for migraines

  • Clinical applications for dysautonomia



Clinicians involved in physical and/or neurological rehabilitation.  Chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, kinesiologists, optometrists, occupational therapists and psychologists have benefited from our courses.

This course will include hands-on experience and working through live cases.

Registration includes a GRM starter kit! (optional) 

  • 1 pair of the Focus Builder Laser Glasses

  • 1 Halo Rejuvinator weighted headband

  • Gaze Stability Chart. 

STUDENT Discount available

HOTELS in the area with a NeurdSolutions room discount. (Contact us for booking discount information.)  

Hampton Inn Alpharetta/Roswell,

Spring Hill Suites by Marriott Atlanta-Alpharetta/Roswell, Home2Suites by Hilton Roswell

Can't attend In-Person

Special Rate until Nov. 4, 2023 - $299 
GRM 1.0 Course Graphic.png

OF NOV 5-6, 2022



This is the perfect course for Chiropractors that have little to no training in neurology, but are interested in integrating brain-based application to compliment spine care. ​This course is packed with Dr. Noel's and Dr. Whittaker's most valuable clinical pearls for spine care and demonstrations of our new Gravity Reset Method. We believe that chiropractors should have a good understanding of the vestibular system and its integration with the brain and spine to serve their patients well. This is the course for you! 

  • Get consistently profound improvements with patients before they walk out of the office! 

  • Learn how to create a home exercise plan that generates change fast!

  • Your patients will love how they feel, and it will improve the quality of life significantly and predictably!

  • Let your high-quality care and unmatched outcomes do all the marketing for you!

  • Learn how to work with your patients' brain and not against it!

  • Your patients will love it and love you for it!

This course included hands-on experience and working through live cases and has new 

updated bonus material added in Feb 2023!

Available now on demand

The Rezzimax training was an awesome day of in-depth, hands-on training  taught by Sharik Peck, the inventor of the Rezzimax! This course will show you how to use the Rezzimax device and all accessories in the Tuner Pro II Kit using resonance and progressive stress-management techniques to relieve chronic pain, headaches, anxiety and much more.

This in-depth course teaches the anatomy and physiology behind a novel vagus nerve/parasympathetic nervous system therapy. Learn to apply resonance and progressive stress-management techniques to improve brain function, relieve chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, and so much more in this hands-on technique laden course.  Participants had the opportunity to learn and practice using their Turner Pro device throughout the course.


RECORDING of FEB 4, 2023


REZZIMAX® Pain Tuner Pro II Kits are available for purchase through our website.

Clinical App for Right Eye & Beyond Graphic.png

In this course, Dr. Cedrick Noel, BSN, DC, DACNB, FABCDD takes you through the meaning of each metric and eye movement pattern in the RightEye reports along with the clinical relevance.  EyeQTrainer will be discussed along with other great clinical applications.  This course is divided up into multiple short videos to allow you to quickly view and review the topics that you are most interested in.  If you are a user of the RightEye system, this is the perfect course for you. 

Dr. Jason Whittaker, DC, DACNB, FABCDD, FABBIR is also teaching a section reviewing valuable articles regarding the diagnostic value of eye movements and the therapeutic value of eye movement training.  


Focus Builder WORKSHOP graphic.png

This Focus Builder Workshop is designed to provide a very thorough training on how to use the Focus Builder App and provide multiple clinical examples on how to use each function within the App.  The Focus Builder Workshop is designed for clinicians that are either new to functional neurology or experienced.  

You will learn how to test, restore and utilize the following for therapeutic benefits:

Gaze stability

Optokinetic stimulation


Vergence exercises



Random Saccades

Combination pursuits and saccades


Memory saccades

Metronome saccades

Peripheral Vision exercises

Visual memory exercises

Most importantly, you will learn how to pre-screen your patients and and prep them neurologically for eye movement training or a chiropractic adjustment.

FB& Friends RECORDING w presenters FINAL.png

On Demand Recording

This FOCUS BUILDER & Friends Course is designed for the clinicians that are both new & experienced with integrating Functional Neurology in a clinical setting.  Learn clinical pearls from a group of 4 top Chiropractic Neurologists and one top Optometrist in their fields so you can learn the best they each have to offer as they answer questions from various perspectives. Also includes a Q&A with panel.

NEW Bonus Content Added: 
Career altering!!! Once in a while we learn information that alters the way we provide care and has a profound impact on the life of our patients. I have learned information from all the presenters at the Focus Builder & Friends course that has powerfully enhance patient outcomes for so many in my practice. I (Dr. Noel) have recently added a new 20 min video to the course called Vestibular, Visual & Sensory Calibration.


If you already have access to the course, go back a view it, it’s so impactful. If you have not purchased the course then I promise you that this 20 minute video is worth many times the cost of the course. By the way the rest of the course is also phenomenal!

NO CE credits offered with this course.

Price: $495


Cedrick Noel, BSN, DC, DACNB, FABCDD

  • Vestibular Application for Spine Care

  • Priming applications to improve patient outcomes

  • Highly effective adjusting techniques that have a powerful effect

  • 2 Part ROF and pricing

  • Business plan


Jason Whittaker, DC, DACNB, FABCDD, FABBIR

  • VOR Suppression and the athlete

  • Motion sickness


John McClaren, DC, DACNB, FABBIR

  • Troubleshooting through difficult and unsuccessful cases


Michael Pendleton, DC-APC, CCSP, DACNB, FABBIR 

  • Acquired Traumatic Brain Injury secondary to mold/mycotoxicity

  • Acquired Traumatic Brain Injury secondary to Lyme Disease

DeAnn Fitzgerald, OD

  • Sports Vision Training

  • Concussion Rehabilitation


Cedrick Noel, BSN, DC, FABCDD, DACNB

Jason Whittaker, DC, DACNB, FABCDD, FABBIR

This Focus Builder Plus 1.0 course is designed for the clinicians that are both new & experienced with implementing eye movement training in a clinical setting.  You will learn how to incorporate eye movement exercises to complement a multi-modal approach and how to use the Focus Builder App with clinical cases ranging from simple spine care to complex neurological presentations.  Some of the conditions discussed in this course are vertigo, spinal pain, POTS, mTBI, strabismus, dysautonomia, Autism, depression, vestibular loss, cranial release technique and more.  


Cedrick Noel, BSN, DC, FABCDD, DACNB

Jason Whittaker, DC, DACNB, FABCDD, FABBIR

This Focus Builder Plus 2.0 Posture course is designed for  clinicians that are both new & experienced with implementing eye movement training in a clinical setting.  You will learn how to incorporate eye movement exercises and other neurological applications to improve posture and much more.  If you want to learn how to have a fast and sustainable impact on your patients' posture, this is the course for you.  We demonstrate clinical applications on real cases and use visual aids such as animations and color coded images to accelerate your learning experience.

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