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The Focus Builder App was created by NeurdSolutions, which was founded by Dr. Cedrick Noel, DC and Dr. Jason Whittaker, DC. Dr. Noel and Dr. Whittaker are Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologists, dedicated to provide a means for doctors and patients to have access to the latest brain rehabilitative techniques.

Moving your eyes in various patterns, speeds, and directions can activate specific parts of your brain. This is exactly what we intended the Focus Builder App to be able to do. Focus Builder, a leading eye exercise app, is available on iOS mobile devices; and allows patients to benefit from eye movement training from anywhere.

NeurdSolutions has transformed Focus Builder into the most complete app for brain rehabilitation and optimize it's functionality.

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available on the Apple App Store

Focus Builder App Update Notice

A new update will soon be available and we believe that the new features will bring more value to the app. 

  • We added a back button to make it easier to navigate back to the previous screen in one step.

  • We added the ability to upload multiple images which can now alternate every second during a pursuit.

  • We optimized the app for iPhone use, some features did not work well on iPhones in prior versions.

PLEASE NOTE: that the new updates will only be available to iOS 11 and higher.  Users that have iOS less than 11 will NOT be able to update the newest version. They will still be able to use the former application version as long as they dont uninstall the current app. If they uninstall it they won't be able to reinstall the Focus Builder App on their older device.


At NeurdSolutions, we’ve created a unique approach to eye movement training through our Focus Builder App. We transform all the benefits of functional neurology eye movement training and place them into an all-inclusive, easy-to-use app. Our Focus Builder app provides clinicians with tools on how to help your patients achieve therapeutic benefits through eye movements such as gaze stability training, pursuits, saccades, anti-saccades, random saccades, memory saccades, hemistim, OPK, vergence testing and training, visual memory task and peripheral vision training. These specific types of eye exercises create more than just therapeutic benefits—they can improve brain function as well.

Therapeutic Eye Movement Types

The therapeutic benefits of functional neurology eye movement training are immense, and our Focus Builder App highlights the primary eye movements which have therapeutic benefits.

  1. Gaze stability training: The foundation of eye movement triaging is stability of gaze.  We recommend leveraging the VOR to improve gaze stability in this exercises as long as it is indicated.

  2. Pursuits: These exercises strategically keep your eyes fixed on a moving target.

  3. Saccades: The benefits of saccades exercises are immense due to the improvement of velocity, accuracy, and its therapeutic benefit.

  4. Anti-saccades: The benefits of anti-saccades exercises improve your ability to concentrate while ignoring distractions.

  5. Memory Saccades: This is a great exercise to challenge your working memory and the executive region of your brain.

  6. OPK: When you need to utilize a reflex to improve the quality of voluntary eye movements, OPK can be a great option when indicated.  OPK can be used to charge the velocity storage and wind it down when used with an in phase pursuit.

  7. Hemistim:  A great option to visually stimulate specific regions of the brain with out requiring eye movements.  This can be a good option to directly activate the cortex while minimally engaging the brainstem.

  8. Vergence: Near and far binocular training is commonly deficient.  The Focus Builder App gives you the ability to test and train convergence and divergence.

  9. Visual Memory:  Exercise your short term memory with shapes, letters or words.

  10. Peripheral vision:  Test and train your peripheral vision in the quadrant that needs it the most or make it more challenging and train while targets move. 

Brain Activation Through Eye Movement

Eye movement and exercise have the ability to activate areas within the brain. There are numerous functions within the brain that you can improve through brain activation via eye exercises such as executive function/behavior, attention, impulse control, motivation, and more.

There are many benefits of eye movements, and the Focus Builder App highlights them through eye exercises, which create a therapeutic outcome for the patient that is fully customizable by the clinician.

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Several exercises can be found within the "SAVED EXERCISES" icon of the Focus Builder App menu page.  We have created these exercises because they could be an effective approach to these common patterns, however, the clinician should determine if this is appropriate for the patient.

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