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RECORDING of the Live March 26-27, 2022 Course.


This course is designed for the clinicians that are both new & experienced with intergrating Functional Neurology in a clinical setting.  Course includes clinical pearls from a group of 4 top Chiropractic Neurologists and one Optometrist in their fields so you can learn the best they each have to offer! Course also includes a Q&A with the panel.


NEW BONUS CONTENT ADDED: Career altering!!! Once in a while we learn information that alters the way we provide care and has a profound impact on the life of our patients. I (Dr. Noel)  have learned information from all the presenters at the Focus Builder & Friends course that has powerfully enhance patient outcomes for so many in my practice. I have recently added a new 20 min video to the course called Vestibular, Visual & Sensory Calibration.


If you already have access to the course, go back a view it, it’s so impactful. If you have not purchased the course then I promise you that this 20 minute video is worth many times the cost of the course. By the way, the rest of the course is also phenomenal!


No CE credits are offered with this course.


Topics & Instructors:

Cedrick Noel, BSN, DC, DACNB, FABCDD

  • Vestibular Application for Spine Care
  • Highly effective adjusting techniques that have a powerful effect
  • Priming applications to improve patient outcomes
  • Dr. Noel's 2-part ROF that patients and clinicians love
  • Learn how Dr. Noel presents cost of care to his patients


Jason Whittaker, DC, DACNB, FABCDD, FABBIR

  • VOR Suppression and the athlete
  • Motion sickness


John McClaren, DC, DACNB, FABBIR

  • Troubleshooting through difficult and unsuccessful cases


Michael Pendleton, DC-APC, CCSP, DACNB, FABBIR 

  • Acquired Traumatic Brain Injury secondary to mold/mycotoxicity
  • Acquired Traumatic Brain Injury secondary to Lyme Disease


DeAnn Fitzgerald, OD

  • Sports Vision Training
  • Concussion Rehabilitation



RECORDING ONLY Focus Builder & Friends

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