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Gravity Reset Method 3.0
Gravity Reset Method 3.0

Sat, Nov 02



Gravity Reset Method 3.0

Clinical Applications for TBI/Concussions

Time & Location

Nov 02, 2024, 9:00 AM EDT – Nov 03, 2024, 2:00 PM EST

Roswell, 1400 Hembree Rd, Suite 130, Roswell, GA 30076, USA

About the event

It's that time of year again! Our 3rd Annual Gravity Reset Method is going to be epic! This year our focus will be Clinical Applications for TBI/Concussions. With New never before seen GRM applications that are even more effective, make sure to be the first to try the latest GRM innovations before they are even avaliable to the market!


Instructors: Dr. Cedrick Noel DC, BSN, DACNB, FABCDD   Dr. Jason Whittaker DC, DACNB, FABCDD, FABBIR

Teaching Points:

  • Review of what is The Gravity Reset Method
  • Digging deeper in the neuroanatomy of velocity storage and brain injury
  • The most common brain regions affected in the event of an mTBI or concussion
  • New GRM therapeutic applications for brain injuries Somatosensory GRM specific application OPK applications to compliment GRM New and improved otolithic applications The benefits of eye/head strategies to moving targets

(Kit Includes Weighted Headband, Laser Feedback Glasses, and Gaze Stability Poster Board)

Registration is NOW OPEN and seats are filing up fast! 

*Limited seating so please don't wait to reserve your seat!*

Special Guest Speakers-

Dr. Trevor Berry - Low Level Laser Therapeutic applications for brain injury

Brief Bio:

A graduate of Parker College (now University), Dr. Berry became an ACNB board-certified Chiropractic Neurologist in 2000 through training from the Carrick Institute. He holds multiple functional medicine certifications through the Kharrazian institute, IFM, and FNS and has over 3500 hours in post-doctoral studies in integrative neurology, functional medicine, and low-level laser therapy. He is involved in multiple laser studies and has been the principal investigator for Level 1 FDA clearances. He was awarded the 2014 researcher of the year for Erchonia lasers. He is the founder of Arizona Chiropractic Neurology Center and has been in practice since 1997 in Chandler, AZ. As an international speaker since 2010, he lectures on nutrition and functional medicine, laboratory testing, neurological diagnostic testing, functional neurology and low level laser therapy. Dr. Berry co-founded BTB Health Systems and was appointed Chief Clinical Officer for Applied Functional Neurology (AFN) in 2022.

Teaching Points:

  • Using Photobiomodulation with concussion patients
  • Basic physiological benefits of low level laser therapy (LLLT) and its effects on the nervous system
  • Dose and wavelength parameters of LLLT and brain including the differences of red, violet and green lasers
  • Why and how low level laser therapy may be utilized in acute TBI and post-concussion scenarios

Dr. Douglas Major - Vision Therapy applications for brain injury

Brief Bio: 

Dr. Major is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Graduating from Brighten Young University. Heavily involved with Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA). William Padula’s research on the bimodal nature of the visual system, which he calls the focal and ambient.  He pioneered using a yoke prism lens to alter the body's center of mass visually. Dr. Major is an pleased to announce that he will be presenting at this years GRM 3.0 seminar. Being a veteran in the field he will present from the lens of an Optometrist.

Teaching Points:

  • Optometric involvement with Brain Injury
  • Optical use of non-traditional glasses to alter visual space. Lens to expand or contract visual spatial inputs, including spherical, cylinder, and prisms.
  • Neuro-Optometrists use lenses, prisms, filters, tints, binocular, and eye movement therapies. Current testing protocols prioritize the most efficient treatment for acquired brain injuries. You were applying how this connects with the GRM and your clinical practice.
  • Testing demonstration and examples of the power of yoke prism therapy will be provided.

Dr. Jon Chambers - Functional Medicine applications for brian injury

Brief Bio: 

The journey to healthcare began for me as it did with almost all practitioners.  I was sick and had to search for people to help me.  I found a functional medicine chiropractor who had begun training with Dr. Carrick. He found and treated my early symptoms and helped me get through chiropractic school.  Before I graduated, I began taking as many functional medicine classes as I could afford.  That was in 2003-2004.  Since then, I've been trying to find the best and most efficient ways to deal with every medical condition that walked through my door.  I began my practice in 2010 and immediately started being drawn to more and more complex cases. I'm trained in Chiropractic Neurology through the Carrick institute and through the Kharrazian Institute.  I found that there is a governing equation to all health. It isn't complete or complex, but it allows us to understand the basic needs of the human cell and therefore system.

Teaching Points:

  • Oxygenation
  • Glucose Control
  • Neurologic Activation
  • Controlling the Inflammatory Burden

See you there! 


  • GRM 3.0 In-Person + Digital

    Sale ends: Nov 02, 2:00 PM EDT

    Every Ticket to GRM includes lifetime access to the digital recording as well as the ability to attend the event live in person.

    From $99.00 to $349.00
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