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Functional Neurology Products & Education
for Clinicians

We measure our success based on your success!

NeurdSolutions provides clinicians and patients a variety of functional neurology products & education. Our patient education products and eye movement training app are ideal for chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and optometrists. Our passion is to help you offer optimal care to your patients and support you in that process.

We offer a variety of products and educational support such as: Focus Builder app - a functional neurology eye movement training app; Focus Builder training & functional neurology courses; Laser Feedback Glasses & Laser Feedback posters; Brain anatomy & neurology posters; Neurological therapy equipment; Professional mentoring 

FOCUS BUILDER APP, our one of a kind functional neurology eye movement training app provides clinicians with customizable therapy solutions for your patients. Discover what the best neurology app can do for your patients by viewing our various seminars such as eye movement training, brain rehabilitation, and more.

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Focus Builder App

NeurdSolutions has transformed Focus Builder into the most complete App for brain rehabilitation and

optimize it's functionality.

The FB app provides clinicians with tools on how to help your patients achieve therapeutic benefits
through guided eye movements.


NeurdSolutions offers a variety of products and product support to enhance patient care from Focus Builder laser feedback glasses, large dry-erase posters, and Ministim peripheral nerve stimulator for diagnostic and therapeutic use. 


NeurdSolutions offers a variety of educational resources for clinicians including a variety of functional neurology courses - both in-person and via recording, professional hourly mentoring, and Dr. Jason's Article reviews.  


Professional Mentoring

Hourly Rates

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"NeurdSolutions has taken my practice and care for my patients to a whole new level!"

Dr. John Doe

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